Schnellster Weg um Battle-Pets zu leveln

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Schnellster Weg um Battle-Pets zu leveln

Postby Sydneyfox » Tuesday 9. December 2014, 14:53

Hier einen Kurzbeschrieb, wie man am schnellsten ein Level 25 Team von Battle-Pets zusammen hat, damit man die blöde Menagerie freischalten kann:

Grab any mechanical pets you can and level it up to about level 6/7 (two or three). Take your team to dead wind pass and capture three uncommon or better arcane eyes. Take your three arcane eyes to dragon blight and capture three uncommon or better dragonbone hatchlings that congregate around the large dragon bones.
Take these to pandaria and level them up in the vale of eternal blossom fighting the aquatic pets. From there you can build your team power leveling them to 25.

Mechanical pets are a counter to magical pets. Arcane eyes are magical, level 17 and, unlike nearly all level 17 pets, don't summon allies when fought, which means you can stomp them with a few low level mechanical pets.
Magical pets are a counter to flying pets. Your new level 17 magical pets can beat the dragonbone hatchlings.
Flying pets are a counter to aquatic pets. Pandaria has a ton of aquatic pets, so you stomp those with your hatchlings.
Now you have some very high level aquatic pets, some sort of high level flying pets, etc. and can use that in your quest to build a more well-rounded roster.
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